Chapter 73

Their mission was to assassinate a brutal warlord from Yerusia. Back then, the two had gotten into a massive fight over the warlord’s head. When reinforcements arrived, they used fighter aircraft to bomb the base nonstop. Nash had managed to escape, but Shawn was left behind in the sea of fire. He had not expected Shawn to have survived. “Number nine on the Blood Leaderboard!” “I’ll rank number nine once I kill you!” Shawn laughed coldly and tightened his grip on his blades before dashing toward Nash. Meanwhile, the other killers raced toward the warden. The scene exploded into chaos. Walter and Grant ducked beneath a table. Stellar and Henderson stayed by the warden’s sides to protect him. Nash got to his feet and dashed outward at the speed of lightning. All everyone could see were two black figures crashing into each other. Then, they heard the sound of metal clanking. One of the dark figures darted amongst the five killers headed toward the warden. Ten

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