Chapter 74

Stellar retrieved his wallet from his pocket. He took out an old hundred-dollar bill he had treasured for years and stuffed it into Nash’s hands. “You get a hundred dollars. Nothing more!” Nash did not hesitate to stuff the dollar bill into his pocket. Then, he strode over to the warden. The corner of Stellar’s lips curved upward slightly. “Insatiable villain…” The Smiling Grim Reaper had carried out 72 assassination missions. He was rewarded with a hundred million dollars for every mission he completed. Which meant he had earned at least several billion dollars. He was so rich, but he had still taken a hundred dollars from him. The Lee family cleared the corpse and bloodstains from the scene. Then, the various families began offering birthday gifts. The banquet proceeded in an orderly manner. Heads of the five highest-ranking families took turns sharing a table with the warden. Nash and Stellar stood on the sidelines. “Warden, Mr. Lee. I think we should allow

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