Chapter 656

"Melody..." Hera called out softly as she looked fearfully toward the woman. She saw Melody crash through the opposite railing before landing on the ground. Hera's pupils contracted violently. Although she knew little about martial arts, she knew Melody was much more powerful than Skadi’s grandfather. Despite that, Melody still could not fight back against this old man. She now realized how ridiculous it was for her to even try standing up and reasoning with them just now. To these martial artists, logic was strength. "Hera, run!" Lauren cried out with tears in her eyes. Hera ran toward her mother but stopped after just one meter. Boris had appeared out of nowhere and was already standing in front of her. Terrified, Hera tried to retreat. Endless fear pervaded her heart. She did not want to die yet. She had not gotten a marriage certificate with Nash and had not felt what it was like being a woman. There were still many, many things she had not done. With a casual wave of his h

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