Chapter 657

When Boris turned around again, the swords had collided, creating a deafening clash so loud he could feel his eardrums shake. The villa was turned into a pile of rubble by the sword forms and blade radiance as it collapsed with a thunderous roar. Fortunately, Boris had already taken Duncan far away from the scene. Bladesman Divus and The Swordsman continued exchanging blows, their sword forms and blade radiance wreaking havoc. Boris retreated another hundred meters away with Duncan. The Zell family’s luxurious mansion was located on the outskirts, and now that it was nighttime, the ongoing battle was not easily noticed. "Godfather, is Bladesman Divus really that strong?" Duncan asked as he narrowed his eyes and focused on the terrifying scene in the distance. He realized now that this was the extent of a martial artist's power. Still gripped by lingering fear, Boris replied, "I didn't expect that Bladesman Divus to be able to use Sword Body Reflection!" Duncan turned his head t

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