Chapter 659

Hera shook as she quickly helped Brian put pressure on Melody's remaining wounds while the rest surrounded them. "Mr. Zell, get some hot water ready!" Brian urgently instructed. "Alright!” Grant replied immediately and went to fetch the hot water. "Wendy, come and help stop the bleeding!" Brian commanded, his expression solemn. As a non-martial artist, he could not easily stop Melody's bleeding, unlike the martial expert from earlier. Mireille immediately rummaged through the medical kit for cotton, gauze, and hemostatic powder. The two of them worked together in a flurry of activity. "Melody, what are you doing?" Hera could not help but cry out. Lauren hugged Hera and comforted her, saying, "It's okay, Melody will be fine!" Staring at Melody on the sofa in silence, it took Olivia a while before she expressed her confusion. "Didn't a senior expert help her stop the bleeding? Dr. Tanner should be able to control her injuries too, so why would she want to end her life?" Theo cros

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