Chapter 660

"Hello, Azura! Can you hear me?" Benji called out gently as he waited patiently. "Benji, I hear you!" Then, a tall and beautiful woman appeared on the TV screen. The broadcast showed a large number of fire trucks and ambulances, as well as patrol cars. Onlookers had also surrounded the area to watch the excitement. "Azura, can you tell us about the situation on your end?" Benji asked with a smile. "Yes, this is the site of a private mansion belonging to Grant Zell, a famous Jonford entrepreneur. Mr. Zell's 70th birthday celebration was held here! "We received a tip from a concerned netizen that an explosion had gone off at the birthday banquet. When we arrived at the scene, the mansion had already been sealed off by the Inspection Office. No one is allowed to enter! "As you can see, the mansion is now a pile of debris. The area within approximately one kilometer around the mansion also suffered extensive damage!" As Azura reported the situation on the scene, the cameraman cut th

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