Chapter 661

Frank snorted coldly. The young soldier trembled as he continued, "W-We’re surrounded!" Frank raised an eyebrow. "Who are they?" “They look to be the Northern Territory’s ace forces!” Three fighter jets flew low across the sky, and the electromagnetic tower immediately shot dozens of energy arcs at them. "What the hell is this?" The expression of a pilot in one of the fighter jets soured. With a boom, the jet entered supersonic flight and evaded the electromagnetic rays. "It's a supersonic jet!" Frank instantly paled, his calm escaping him completely. "Quick, request the headquarters for support!" Why would the Northern Territory attack a National Martial Bureau base? Could it be related to the prisoner in Cell 1 and the Northern Territory Warzone? Outside the base, approximately ten kilometers away, stood a burly man with thick eyebrows and big eyes. He had his hands on his hips. "Major Meyer, this is K8. The base coordinates have been sent to the ground. Please pay attentio

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