Chapter 662

Frank was set with unease. He was worried that those from the Northern Territory would bombard the base. There were more than 3,000 elite soldiers stationed here! "Hold them off for now. I'll be there soon,” Bobby said before ending the call. Frank sighed helplessly. Elder Olsen’s behavior had always been shrouded in mystery. He never informed him of anything about the captives or the crimes they committed. Now, trouble had erupted. "Mr. Gomez, what did Elder Olsen say?" Tadeus Holm, Peggy’s squad leader, asked anxiously. "He asked us to hold them off. Hopefully, it's not that hot-headed Old Meyer we’re dealing with. Otherwise, we won't be able to restrain him!" Frank said with a wry smile. He already had a bold guess in his mind. The person who fired the shot earlier might indeed be Old Meyer, the helmsman of the Northern Territory’s Eighth Ace Force. Only he dared to open fire on the National Martial Bureau without any hesitation. Tadeus sighed. "Should we just release the pris

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