Chapter 663

Bobby stepped out of the helicopter and leaped onto the lookout tower in one swift move. He grabbed the microphone from Frank and said, "I'm Bobby Olsen, the Third Elder of the National Martial Bureau. "Nash Calcraft is involved in a major and heinous murder case, so we can't release him in the meantime!" "Damn it!" A cold light flashed through Xylon’s sharp eyes, and he slowly raised his right hand. The tanks’ gun barrels rotated with the action and were now aiming at the base. The thousands of soldiers present had also swiftly disengaged the safety locks on their firearms. Various weapons were ready to be unleashed. With a wave of the major’s hand, they would immediately turn the base into ruins. Frank quickly said, "Elder Olsen, this is Xylon Meyer from the Northern Territory's Eighth Ace Force we're dealing with. He has a violent temper and might resort to direct action!" Bobby snorted. "If he wants to act, let him. Does he really think the National Martial Bureau is defens

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