Chapter 664

Hesitation crossed Flynn’s face. "But now the majors of both the Eastern and Southern Territories are here. If we act recklessly, we might cross them!” Xylon's face was dark. He was aware of this. Otherwise, he would have ordered an attack by now. On the lookout tower, Bobby's voice came through the loudspeaker. "Major, please leave. The National Martial Bureau handles their matters openly and honestly. If Nash is innocent, we will release him." Xylon grabbed the megaphone and was about to retort, but Flynn snatched it away and said, "Is the National Martial Bureau so inefficient? So much time has passed, yet you guys still haven't figured it out?" Bobby replied, "This case is quite complicated, but we can promise you that we will give you an answer within three days." "Fine..." "Fine, my ass!" Xylon yanked the megaphone back. "30 minutes. If you don't release him by then, I will open fire!" After speaking, he smashed the microphone. "Old Meyer, you're being too impulsive!" F

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