Chapter 665

After receiving no response for half an hour, shots were fired. Xylon informed Flynn of Stellar’s order, and the man was in disbelief. "Are you sure you told Colonel Orwell that there are two majors from two different territories here?" Xylon's impulsive temperament was one thing, but for even Colonel Orwell to be so impulsive, he was beginning to wonder if he was too calm. In the Northern Territory, under the starry sky, Philix was draped in a cloak as he stood at the summit of Mount Boundary. He was gazing at the distant snowy mountains. Behind him, Stellar had just relayed the news from Jonford as well as the orders he had issued. The cold wind howled, piercing and bone-chilling. Philix remained silent for a long time. Stellar asked, "Warden, are you worried about the capital or the Southern and Eastern Territories?" "Neither,” Philix answered slowly. "In that case, are you concerned about the confirmation of that matter, or is it about the young marshal?" Philix shook his he

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