Chapter 666

Peggy heaved an inward sigh of relief. The crisis had finally been resolved. She excitedly made her way to Cell 1. When she opened the door, she saw Nash asleep on the bed. “You can leave now, Nash!” Peggy rolled her eyes as she thought to herself, ‘You’re a bold one. Things outside the cell are so chaotic, and yet you’re napping!” “The investigation is over?” Nash opened his eyes and leaned back against the headboard after sitting up. He did not make any move to leave. “Yes. You had nothing to do with the loss of those 30 lives!” Peggy added cheerfully, “Congratulations on regaining freedom!” “This is a pretty comfortable place to live in, and I get to be served by someone as beautiful as you are. I don’t feel like leaving anymore.” Nash stretched his arms behind his back as he spoke lazily. A stunned look appeared on Peggy’s face. “But you were trying to break out of jail just a while ago. We’re allowing you to leave now, but you don’t want to leave anymore?”

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