Chapter 667

“Can’t tell you much!” Nash had no favorable impression of the National Martial Bureau and thus had no plans to be civil toward Hudson. “Preposterous! This man is Hudson Lyon, a major of the Eastern Territory. How dare you show him such disrespect?” A second-in-command standing behind Hudson spoke angrily. Nash sneered, “He still has to let me go, doesn’t he?” The second-in-command stepped forth, seemingly gearing himself up for a fight. “Back off!” Hudson commanded loudly. Not even he dared lay a finger on that man, so how could a second-in-command dare do that? Did they really think the dozens of tanks and warplanes waiting outside were a joke? The second-in-command glared at Nash before taking a step backward to assume his position behind Major Lyon. Hudson smiled as he said, “My name is Hudson Lyon. If you ever have the chance to visit Jenzburg, please drop by the Lyon family home for a meal!” Nash ignored Hudson and turned to gaze at Bobby coolly as he said, “I

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