Chapter 668

The Northern Territory did not have such advanced equipment and could not yet intercept shots made at them with such accuracy. If they could get their hands on the electromagnetic towers, the Northern Territory would be able to defend themselves much better. “No!” “The official name for these towers is Argov Magnetic Towers. They were invented by the Yerusian scientist, Argov, back in the '90s. These towers hold a combination of magnetic forces and high-voltage electrical energy. They rely on nuclear reactions to supply them with their superpowers! “Besides, the purple tungsten used to build the towers is also an extremely difficult metal to source. Building and transporting these towers will cost at least 300 billion dollars! “We’ve gone off-topic. Let’s return to the topic at hand. Other than these eight electromagnetic towers, the base is also equipped with a laser interception system that houses 12 laser interceptors. "These weapons were invented by the local government,

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