Chapter 670

A smile appeared on Flynn’s face too. He waved a hand, and the troops standing behind him immediately directed their cannons elsewhere. Nash and Jasper walked out together. Both drew in sharp intakes of breath when they saw the battle array. The oppressiveness that the North Army was bearing upon them caused both men, who were well-known figures in the world of assassins, to tremble with fear. However, Nash soon regained his wits. He had dealt with mercenaries on previous missions. Additionally, he also had experience handling tanks and bazookas. “Greetings, Young Marshal..” Meyer approached them and saluted in greeting. Flynn also hurried over, puffing his chest out as he gave them a proper salute. Young marshal? The corners of Nash’s lips curved upward as he said, “I’ve been treating you generals as my brothers, but you view me to be lesser than you are?” Meyer and Flynn exchanged glances. Both of them had shocked looks in their eyes. Did the young marsha

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