Chapter 671

Nash drew in a deep breath. “Are you guys still at Royal Bay?” “We’re at the place where you saved the Warden!” “I’ll be right there!” Nash hung up the phone. A loud crash sounded on the road. Jasper had already hailed them a car. The sides were dented, the windshield had shattered into pieces, and smoke billowed from the engine. Nash felt his eyes twitch slightly, but he decided he could not be bothered. Thus, he opened the door so that he could get in. Jasper sat in the front passenger seat. They were in a BMW driven by a woman in her 20s. Still in shock, she gazed at Jasper as he got into the front passenger seat and asked shakily, “Y-You…” Nash said flatly, “Take me to the Zell family’s third mansion!” He could not recall the proper name for the Zell family’s third mansion but remembered the road sign outside the building had the words 'Zell Family 3rd Mansion' on it. “Are you guys… going to kill me?” The female driver felt a layer of cold sweat form on he

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