Chapter 672

Mr. Dean was slightly stunned. Then, he asked in a confused voice, “Type-SL blood… W-What blood type is that?” He had never heard of this blood type before despite having practiced medicine for dozens of years. Nash explained, "Type-SL blood is a universal blood type compatible with all blood types. Only two people in the world have this type of blood. One of them being my mentor, and the other being me!” There were some details he had omitted. SL stood for 'Superior Lord'. Having type-SL blood meant one had the blood of dragons. One was not born having this blood type. Instead, they gained it through alterations. His mentor had given him a bowl of blood to drink when he was five. “This is dragon’s blood that I borrowed from Carrion Mountain, boy. Drinking this will allow you to cleanse yourself, and you can also transform your genes, cells, and blood type. "However, you must remember—Type-SL blood makes you a universal donor, but you can't receive transfusions of any

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