Chapter 673

“One bag of blood might not be enough!” Mr. Dean spoke. Everyone gave Nash worried glances. They were worried his body might not be able to take it. “It’ll be enough. The blood cells in type-SL blood have extremely powerful reproductive and regenerative capabilities!” Nash explained. After consuming the blood back then, Nash's blood combined with his master's blood to form second-generation SL blood. Now that Melody had received Nash's blood, Melody's genes and cells would also transform. Her body would form third-generation SL blood. Third-generation SL blood was not as powerful as second-generation SL blood, but it was still much more powerful than ordinary blood. Mr. Dean was once again astonished when he heard that. Did such extraordinary blood types exist in the world? It looked like there was still plenty he did not know. He was determined to study more when he got home. 20 minutes later, all 14 ounces of the blood in the bag had been transfused into Melody

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