Chapter 674

Previously, Nash had promised to obtain The Swordsman’s head in ten days. However, Grant had changed his mind after witnessing The Swordsman’s capabilities today. There was no way Nash would be a match for The Swordsman. He would just pretend he had given Nash the Antarctic Lotus as a gift instead. It would be better to have one more friend than it would be to have one more enemy. “A gentleman never goes back on his word! “I will fulfill the promises I've made. You may sit back and await my good news, Mr. Zell!” Nash spoke confidently. Both Melody and Sherman had nearly lost their lives. How could Nash just sit back and allow such injustices? Theo said quietly, “The Swordsman has cut off one of Dylan’s hands, so there’s no way the National Martial Bureau is going to sit back and do nothing. Why not let them deal with The Swordsman instead of getting your hands dirty yourself?” He had always been confident in Nash’s abilities. However, The Swordsman was ridiculous

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