Chapter 676

“Gosh, I wanted to tell you this just now.” Walter patted his head. Then, he told Nash everything Kai said to him after he woke up. Upon hearing what Walter said, Hera’s jaw dropped. “So you’re saying Duncan’s the one behind the fire at the company?" She would have never connected the Duersons to this incident. Kai said, “Duncan is controlling Splendor in secret, while Splendor is related to Innovate Collective. The person who set fire to Baroque should be a senior executive from Innovate Collective who Splendor hired. "After that, Innovate Collective bought off someone from your company. Duncan is very shrewd and does things impeccably. He disrupted your vision, so that’s why you couldn't find anything!” “I guess.” Nash was doubtful at that moment, but he did not have any evidence. Walter looked at Melody on the sofa and said, “We’ll not be in the way of your treatment. I’ll ask someone to transfer the money to your account tomorrow.” “Maria, send them off.” Nash asked Mar

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