Chapter 677

Hera sat at the head of the bed and held a teddy bear. Lauren grinned. “She’s worried that you’ll get jealous.” Hera pressed her lips together and said, “I'll get jealous of other women but not her.” After Lauren placed her bag on the computer desk, she turned on the heater and removed her coat. She then got into bed and said, “Aren’t you worried that Nash and Melody will develop feelings for each other after some time?” Hera answered absent-mindedly, “I-I’ve never thought of that.” Lauren lifted the blanket and patted the space next to her. “It’s cold outside. Come under the blanket.” Hera then removed her shoes and got under the covers to sit next to her mother. Lauren pulled the blanket over her. As Hera held her teddy bear tightly, she pouted. “They won’t, right?” Melody was beautiful and mature. Moreover, she had a hot body. If Hera were a man, she would surely fall for her. After a while, Lauren turned on the television and put on a music channel. She then whispered, “

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