Chapter 678

Downstairs, Harrison had nothing to do, so he asked Maria to prepare some snacks as he wanted to drink to calm himself down. Meanwhile, Nash went to the basement to make some medicine for Melody. “Nashy, come drink with me after you’re done,” Harrison said softly. After Nash fed Melody the medicine, he pulled the blanket over her before he went to get a drink. After Finn downed the contents of his glass, he placed the glass down and said, “We have to seek revenge!” In the beginning, Finn had a crush on Melody. Then, he realized he did not have a chance after noticing that Melody kept giving him the cold shoulder. If he persisted, she would find him very annoying. Moreover, only someone like Mr. Nash was suitable for Melody. If they could not be lovers, they could be very good friends. Finn had to do something for Melody now that she was beaten to this state. Nash sat down and said calmly, “Someone from the Mystique Loyalty Realm could slap you to Northdale Mountain. How are

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