Chapter 683

Finn stretched and said, “The weather is amazing today.” Ken lifted his head to look at the sky and turned to face southeast. Smiling, he said, “It'd be even better without the dark clouds over there.” Nash turned around to see some vague dark clouds in the south of the sky. When Nash looked over, the dark clouds slowly dissipated. Nash said with a profound look in his eyes, “Last night, someone used primary Path techniques. Are they from Quiet Winds Church?” “Ouch!” Not far away, an unkempt old man was hit by a car. There were five luxury cars in total. The first and last two were Porsches, and the middle was a Rolls-Royce. Then, four to five bodyguards got out of the Porsches. The bodyguards from the first car said, “Old man, how dare you crash into the Watsons’ cars and then demand compensation?” The old man suddenly appeared, and they did not have time to react. “Gosh, my leg!” The unkempt old man held his leg and wailed. The bodyguards looked at each other. “Throw hi

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