Chapter 684

After a while, the convoy stopped outside Nash’s villa. Nash had witnessed what happened just now and was very happy with what Kai did. However, the old man was so fast. Even if Nash used his Third Eye, he could only see his shadow and did not notice any fluctuating true energy. It was no wonder he could save Hera and the others without being noticed. In the world of martial arts, speed was the one thing that could not be defeated. The old man could easily defeat him with such speed combined with his Mystique Loyalty Realm ability. If he were Nash’s enemy… It would be too horrible to contemplate. Soon, Kai’s convoy arrived. After Kai got out of the car, he pulled out some blurry photos on his phone. “We couldn’t contact the person my grandpa sent to watch the Duersons. However, he sent some pictures to us in the middle of the night.” Nash took the phone. He could only see a blurry figure after zooming in on the photo. That was the entrance of the Duersons' villa. An old man

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