Chapter 685

Not long after Theo and Nash chatted, Theo got a call from his grandfather, so he had to go back to Capiton to take care of some stuff. After that, Nash went back to the basement to make medicine for Melody. The moment he got there, his phone rang. It was from Fabian. He asked Nash why he had not gone to the office to report himself. Nash had no choice but to make up some excuses. Fabian was helpless, so he asked Jennifer to find someone to take over his post at the inspection department. … There was an ancestral hall in the middle of the headquarters of the Green Bamboo Association in Sagen. The ancestors of the Carters were enshrined here. At this moment, there were 70 or 80 core members of the Green Bamboo Association standing inside and outside. At the front, Lindon stood before the tablets of his ancestors. He was very excited. As soon as he came back, his grandfather called him to come to the ancestral hall. If he was right, his grandfather would pass on the positio

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