Chapter 686

Zachary looked at everyone in the hall, malicious intent in his clear eyes. His energy as a master in the Mystique Loyalty Realm and the deputy president was stifling. “Mr. Lindon, I’m sorry.” A middle-aged man with an eyepatch picked up a bramble from the ground and hit it on Lindon’s back while gritting his teeth. “Ah!” Lindon’s eyes widened from the pain, causing him to jump. His white shirt was torn. His skin, which was fair and tender due to being pampered, was suddenly ripped open. It could be seen that this one-eyed man had shown no mercy at all. Dominic picked up the gold pipe, put it in his mouth, and took a puff with trembling hands. After all, Lindon was his only grandson, and he had always been reluctant to beat him. He could not bear to watch as Lindon’s flesh got lacerated from the punishment. However, if he continued to indulge him, no matter how good his connections were, he might not be able to protect Lindon forever. Zachary noticed Dominic’s trembling h

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