Chapter 687

The people from the Inspection Office did not dare to take action rashly, but they knew the nature of people from the Green Bamboo Association. The Green Bamboo Association had a strong team of lawyers behind them. If they were not careful, they would be the ones liable. Felicity clenched her fists. If it were any other force, she would have suppressed them long ago. “Everyone, step back.” Zachary walked out of the ancestral hall. The outer hall people immediately shut their mouths and stepped aside. Zachary glanced at Felicity casually and said, “My family is holding a ceremony today. So, the Green Bamboo Association will not receive anyone for the time being. Please leave, Deputy Snyder.” Felicity felt a great sense of oppression after hearing his tone. Zachary was the deputy president of the Green Bamboo Association and a master in the Mystique Loyalty Realm. He would not be afraid of the Inspection Office. Felicity composed herself, raised her chin, and said, “I received

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