Chapter 688

“No way! What will I eat, and how will I go on with my life with no money?” Lindon looked at Dominic in horror. “You’re able-bodied, so you won’t starve,” Dominic said expressionlessly. Lindon knew that his grandfather was determined to torture him, so he did not dare to continue to refute. Dominic stood up slowly. “Dismiss.” After saying that, he took his confidants and left. After he returned to the villa’s living room, Dominic waved to his confidants and said, “You guys can leave too. Zach and I have something to talk about.” The confidants looked at each other and went to wait outside the door. Zachary poured Dominic a glass of hot water. “Dom, have some water.” Dominic took the glass with a smile and took a sip. Zachary sat on the sofa opposite and asked, “Dom, do you really want to send Lindon out of the country?” Dominic smiled bitterly. “Jonford Inspection Office, Sagen Inspection Office, Capiton Special Guidance Unit, Nash, and the Skyes are all after him. Do you thi

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