Chapter 689

The informant they trained was gone just like that. “Mr. Campbell told us not to worry. They laid out their net a long time ago. As for when to close it, that's not up to us!” Howard was also helpless with the Green Bamboo Association. The power behind the Green Bamboo Association was very large, and the Special Security Department would probably not act rashly until they found everyone. He had asked Felicity more than once to stay out of the Green Bamboo Association’s affairs, but Felicity would not listen at all. “Dominic will definitely send Lindon abroad, and you still expect him to close the net? Where will you find this fish that slipped through the net, then?” There was sarcasm in Felicity’s eyes. The Green Bamboo Association’s strength had been weakened by more than half. She could not wait to take down the largest underground force in the country. Howard did not want to continue to persuade Felicity. He said calmly, “This is my ultimatum to you. If you continue to inte

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