Chapter 690

Felicity was stunned when she asked this question. She was a member of the Inspection Office and the Special Security Department, so she should not tell outsiders about these things. Did she have too much to drink? She glanced at the beer bottles on the table and saw that she had not even finished more than half of her beer. Perhaps Nash had shown extraordinary strength in front of her. He made her feel safe. Nash said in a deep voice, “I think Tristan did the right thing. You can’t easily take down Dominic. If you had captured his grandson in front of him, he'd massacre your people in front of you.” Nash knew what kind of person Dominic was. Felicity glanced at her nephews and nieces who were playing outside before guiltily saying, “I have a bad temper, and I feel so unresigned that I didn’t catch Lindon!” Lindon committed heinous crimes and even committed murder in Jonford, which caused her former classmate to be suspended from her job. Yet, she could only watch him get away

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