Chapter 691

Moreover, he even wanted to leave Jonford at such a critical moment. Not only did Mr. Nash not say anything, but he even wanted to give his father a birthday present. This made him feel even more guilty. “This is nothing… With your strength, you can’t help me much anyway.” Nash let out a sigh of relief internally. He was already happy that Finn had such thoughts. A great-grandmaster was not even qualified to get close to a battle between Mystique Loyalty Realm masters. If there was a fight, he would just let Finn stay away. Finn lowered his head and remained silent. He also knew that Mr. Nash was joking with him, but his strength was indeed a bit lacking. Finn suddenly felt confused. He did not know why he was following Mr. Nash. Was he just running errands for Mr. Nash? It seemed that Mr. Nash had nothing for him to do. At this time, Hera and Lauren came down from upstairs. “Nash, the company's machine room has been repaired, so I'll go back to work starting today!” Th

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