Chapter 693

Then, he took out his phone and paid the old man 460 grand. [Ding! You've received 460,000 in your account!] After the notification popped up, the air in front of Nash contorted. Nash felt as if the old man’s soul had left his body. After his shadow left the bench, his body slowly disappeared. “Is he so fast that his body can’t keep up with his soul?” Nash’s eyes were wide as he muttered to himself. Of course, he knew this was a shadow from his superspeed, but he was just shocked. Jasper 'the Wolf' Powell’s special ability was just so-so compared to this. … In the Duerson Villa, Duncan hired a five-star chef to prepare a large table of delicious food for Peter. Boris picked up the wine glass and said with a smile, “Master Peter, I've admired you for a long time. Here’s a toast to you!” A Golden Robe Heavenly Master had the means to defy heaven and change one’s destiny. They could also do fortune-telling, and they might have a chance to find out how one could break through to

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