Chapter 694

Just after saying this, a breeze blew in from outside. The Swordsman and Boris frowned slightly. At this moment, Peter reached out to grab the wine glass in front of him, only to find that it was missing. “What?” Peter looked at The Swordsman and Boris in disbelief. Boris narrowed his eyes and said, “This person is terrifyingly fast!” Duncan swallowed. He knew who Boris was talking about. It was the Mystique Loyalty Realm master who saved Hera yesterday. He was here. He even took away Master Peter’s wine glass in front of The Swordsman and Boris. Peter narrowed his eyes and said, “Isn’t he just a slightly faster Mystique Loyalty Realm master? He won't walk out alive if I set a gravity array for the villa later…” “I heard that!” On the sofa, the unkempt old man chuckled and drank all the wine in Peter’s glass in one gulp. “Do you want to die?” The Swordsman was furious. He grabbed the Seven Deadly Swords next to him and took a swing at the old man. However, the unkempt ol

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