Chapter 695

Just how much did he underestimate him? Duncan came back to his senses and said with a pale face, “M-Master Peter, you have set up an array to save me. I don’t want to see that person!” Peter nodded and said, “I need some tools. However, the area that the array can protect is limited, so you can’t leave your house in these few days.” … In Royal Bay Park, the unkempt old man and Bladesman Divus had started playing chess. As soon as the chess pieces were placed, the unkempt old man took away Bladesman Divus’ two chariots. “How could you be so shameless?” Bladesman Divus frowned. He only had a few chess pieces, and now, his chariots were taken away. What else could he do next? “Hey, I am shameless.” The unkempt old man crossed his legs, his skinny toes shaking along with his shoes. “I’ll go first! I’m taking away your horse!” The unkempt old man directly took away the horse. Bladesman Divus did not have a chariot, so he could only stare. “What the fuck?!” The unkempt old man

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