Chapter 697

Sure enough, Grandpa’s grandmaster was so well-informed. Mireille admired Nash even more. “The Seven Reds can be cultivated at your grandmother's house?" Nash was surprised and excited. According to the Divine Farmer's Legacy, the conditions to grow the Seven Reds were extremely harsh. The temperature could neither be too high nor too low, the soil could neither be too fertile nor too barren, and no chemical fertilizers were allowed. Several previous owners of the Divine Farmer's Cauldron had tried to cultivate the Seven Reds, but all failed. Mireille did not understand why Nash was so excited, but she nodded and said, “Yes. When I was a kid, I only had a small piece of land at home. After I graduated from college, I went to my grandma's house, and she had already cultivated two acres of Seven Reds!” “I want to invest in this project and have your grandma mobilize the whole village to plant Seven Reds. I'll buy as many as you have.” Seven Reds could make elixirs and top-notch b

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