Chapter 698

“Men and women should keep a distance from each other. It’ll be better if you do it.” Nash put the bowl containing the beauty cream on the coffee table with a serious face and then went for a walk outside the villa with his hands behind his back. Of course, he knew that Hera said that on purpose. However, he genuinely never thought about helping Melody apply the medicine himself. Even if Hera was not around, he would have gotten Maria to do it. “Smart man.” A smile appeared on Hera’s lips. Lauren raised the temperature in the room slightly and then asked Maria to help remove Melody’s clothes. The three of them frowned as they looked at the crisscross wounds on Melody’s body. Hera carefully applied the beauty cream to Melody’s body with a small brush. Lauren sighed slightly. “She’s been through so much…” Melody was not much older than Hera. She only ended up like this because she was protecting Hera. Lauren subconsciously wanted to love her as her own daughter. Hera’s eyes

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