Chapter 701

At this moment, it was almost nine in the evening. It was the peak hours for the average working class as they had gotten off work. Outside Mercy Pharmacy, three long queues had formed. One line was designated for regular medicine, another for holistic, and the third was for those who were there for consultation with the physician. Nash walked to the queue for holistic medicine and silently stood at the back of the line. Mercy Pharmacy was located in the central area of the entire street. There were a large number of rental houses nearby, so the business here was much better than Tanner Group Pharmacy, which was on Ancient Street. After entering the pharmacy, Nash looked around and quickly noticed a withered herb in a cabinet. The leaf at the center resembled a willow leaf, and it was surrounded by centipede-looking roots. It was the Eremochloa, named for its resemblance to a centipede. "Excuse me... Excuse me..." Suddenly, there was a commotion at the back. A pale-faced young m

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