Chapter 702

Nash's face darkened. "I've been waiting in line for an hour. Let me buy my medicine first. I need the Eremochl—" "Do you not understand the human language?" the silver-haired old man interrupted Nash coldly. Atlas was the young master of the Kennedy family in Capiton and also the most beloved grandson of Sir Kennedy. The gentleman had personally called just now and informed him that his grandson would be coming down to his pharmacy to buy medicine. He also asked the silver-haired old man to make things easy for him. If the old man could establish a relationship with the Kennedy family of Capiton, he might even be able to open a branch in Capiton. Atlas frowned slightly, covering his chest gently. "You don't need to check my pulse. I just want the Eremochloa bead,” he said hoarsely, the breath he exhaled carrying a strong fishy odor. Nash noticed then that Atlas' gums were black. He had truly been poisoned, and it did not seem to be a simple poison. "Well, what a coincidence, I

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