Chapter 704

"It's the responsibility of a healthcare practitioner to save lives and provide medical care! What's the use of having medical skills if you don't help people?" Fanny was becoming more and more agitated as she spoke. Even the burly men nearby were all subdued by her fierce demeanor. "What you’re saying is that just because I have medical skills, I must treat patients. I don't have a medical license, nor am I affiliated with any hospital. "Treating illnesses and saving lives is purely my hobby and interest. Isn’t this a form of moral coercion? You're putting the responsibility of medical care on me." Nash disliked people who engaged in moral coercion. He had initially considered helping Atlas, but he changed his mind now. If anything happened to the man, it would be because of her. "You..." "Fanny, that's enough," the silver-haired old man reprimanded her. They had no right to force others to treat Atlas. Fanny's reasoning did not always hold up. "Looks like the widely-known r

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