Chapter 705

Mireille rarely drank, and Larry had hoped to take advantage of her having a bit too much to drink to find an opportunity for himself. However, the entire night had passed without him even getting to hold her hand. Sighing, the silver-haired old man said, "You should call Sir Kennedy and have him prepare mentally." This statement terrified Atlas' attendants, and one of them grabbed the old man's collar. He shouted, "Old man, why don't you use the Eremochloa to save our young sir? I think you're deliberately choosing to watch as our young sir dies!" They had been asking for Eremochloa the moment he entered the pharmacy, yet until now, the old man had not taken it out to save the young sir. Was he not just deliberately letting the young sir die? "Let go of my grandfather! I'll give you the Eremochloa now!" Fanny dragged a chair over, stood on it, and reached for the medicine in the cabinet. Nash wanted it too, right? If he did not save Atlas, then he would not be getting it! Nash

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