Chapter 706

Nash blinked his eyes, feeling a sense of urgency creeping in. There must be more than just this one Eremochloa, but as of present, he only knew about this particular one. The imminent need to refine the Golden Onyx Pill urged him to secure this Eremochloa. Taking a deep breath, Nash spoke up, "I can save him, but you have to give the Eremochloa to me." A smug smile played on Fanny's lips. Had he not been arrogant the entire time? Why the change in attitude now? She looked at Nash arrogantly and said, "Too late.” Then, she glanced at Mireille with a provoking gaze. "Do you really think Eremochloa can neutralize the poison from a Seven-Starred Begonia?” Nash spoke up again calmly. Fanny sneered, "We can’t be certain, but it can at least delay the effects of the poison!" She believed Nash was just making up lies to deceive her to obtain the Eremochloa. Did he think she was a three-year-old child? "What if I tell you that combining Eremochloa with Seven-Starred Begonia poison will on

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