Chapter 707

Old Donald anxiously spoke up, "Sir, please wait..." Nash remained indifferent and continued making his way out. He did not need the Eremochloa for the Golden Onyx Pill. Other herbs could substitute for it. The resulting pill might be a bit more toxic, but with the Divine Farmer’s Cauldron, Nash could refine it and eliminate the toxicity. Atlas’ men quickly ran out, blocking Nash's path. The three of them stared at Nash coldly. "You can't leave..." They were not fools. They could tell that the old man in the pharmacy was helpless. The young man in front of them had spoken with conviction, indicating he might be skilled. Nash narrowed his eyes and replied coldly, "I want to leave. You think you can stop me?" The three burly men fell to their knees before him, and the scene attracted the attention of many onlookers. "Sir, please, save our young sir! We'll pay whatever amount you ask, just save him!” one of the burly men solemnly declared. He believed the patriarch would spare no

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