Chapter 708

Mireille responded lazily with a hum, not bothering to look at Fanny. Fanny was still where she stood, stunned. Did he just call her unsightly and a troublemaker? He was Brian Tanner's grandmaster. He possessed extraordinary medical skills but refused to save a patient's life earlier. Where did he get the nerve to insult her? Moreover, he had taken away the syringe and the white mouse from her. Was he afraid she would challenge him by using them for her experiment? If he was so afraid of that happening, she was going to give him a show for sure! Fanny took another syringe from the drawer and carefully drew the drop of blood she accidentally dripped onto the chair earlier. Outside, Nash spent about ten minutes examining Atlas' condition before discovering that Atlas was a martial artist in the early stage of the Profound Reality Realm. Surprisingly, he had over 30 types of toxins in his body, including naturally occurring pyretic and antipyretic toxins in the human body. There w

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