Chapter 709

Old Donald's eyes went wide, and he almost fell to the ground. This was the legendary Tremoring Needles! He never thought he would witness anyone using this technique with his own eyes in his lifetime. Just as Nash was focusing his attention on administering the needles and detoxifying the poison, his ears suddenly twitched. He said deeply, "It seems that something happened to your granddaughter.” The smile on Old Donald's face instantly froze. He hurriedly ran toward the inner room and saw Fanny lying on the ground, trembling. She was biting a towel while gripping her left wrist with her right hand tightly. Meanwhile, her left hand was visibly corroding at a rapid pace. She was in pain, and her veins were bulging on her face. Even so, she dared not make a sound. She did not want the man outside and Mireille to see her in such a state. "Fanny..." Old Donald quickly went up to his granddaughter. When he saw her left hand corroding, he shuddered and asked, "W-What have you done?"

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