Chapter 710

"You can stand up now," Nash said, helping Old Donald to his feet. He then walked to the nearby bed and grabbed Fanny's left wrist. The entire hand was covered in blood blisters, and the skin and tissue were melting like ice cream under intense heat. This was the amplified effect caused by the Eremochloa poison. Nash casually took a dagger from the waist of one of the burly men nearby and cut his wrist, crimson blood gushing out freely. Lifting his wrist, he let his blood drip onto Fanny's palm. There was a sizzling sound as the blood made contact with the melting hand. It emitted a pungent white smoke. The highly toxic fusion of Seven-Starred Begonia and Eremochloa was temporarily beyond Nash's control. Therefore, he could only use his SL-type blood to manage the toxin. It was Nash's first time using his blood to heal someone, especially someone he disliked. Fanny gradually calmed down. She never expected this man to use his own blood to save her, and she definitely did not exp

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