Chapter 711

Brian nodded and glanced at Atlas, who was lying on the hospital bed. Sighing, he said, "So, he’s really from the Kennedy family!" Nash stood up, picked up a box containing Eremochloa from the table, and said, "Atlas' life and your granddaughter's hand for this Eremochloa. That’s enough, yes?" He was not someone who would take advantage of others, but he also did not want to lose out. He had relied solely on his medical skills for Atlas. However, treating Fanny's hand cost him nearly 200cc of blood, something that could not be bought with money. "It's more than enough!" Old Donald hurriedly replied. Moreover, he had more or less even profited. Old Donald handed the three stalks of Eremochloa to Brian, then looked at Nash. "Grandmaster, I've already informed the People’s Pharmacy. Old Lucius will personally deliver the Coiled Dragon Flower to Royal Bay!" He did not look at Old Donald even once throughout the conversation. Nash nodded and smiled. "You're considerate." Mireille he

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