Chapter 712

Nash rolled down the car window, looking puzzled. "It seems like Mireille is interested in you,” Larry said softly. Nash was slightly taken aback. Had he ever spoken with Mireille about other topics? Moreover, he had not noticed any signs of her interest in him. Besides, her grandfather called him 'Grandmaster', making him a senior in their family. Also, he was already married. As the granddaughter of Jonford's top miracle doctor, Mireille could not possibly have feelings for a married man. "You're already married. I hope you can make things clear to her so that she can let go of that thought,” Larry said before driving away. He did not even wait for Nash’s response. Nash sat in the car, bewildered. What the heck! What was going on? How did he inexplicably become someone's rival in love? The light had turned green, and the driver behind him was honking. Nash shrugged, started the car, and headed back home. ... In Brian's car, Mireille leaned on the car window, enjoying the sli

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