Chapter 713

As soon as Nash got out of the car, Hera pounced on him. Nash hugged Hera and jokingly asked, "You didn't go square dancing, did you?" Hera gave Nash a playful look and replied, "I'd never square dance. I went to play chess!" She then pulled out a few crumpled ten-dollar bills from her pocket. She flashed her teeth proudly as she said, "See, I won 60 bucks!" Nash could not help but chuckle. "You can bet money on chess?" Hera giggled and said, "They won't play with you if no money is involved." Suddenly, a burly man dressed in a security uniform approached them with a gift box in hand. "Mr. Calcraft, there's an elderly man named Lucius outside. He asked me to give you this box." It was the Coiled Dragon Flower sent by the owner of People’s Pharmacy. Nash took the box and opened it. A faint fragrance wafted out. Inside was a withered light purple flower. There was a price tag inside the box—3.48 million. The owner of the pharmacy wanted him to remember this favor he did for him.

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