Chapter 714

"Mhm, I'll take good care of Melody!" Hera said with a hint of disappointment. She had almost forgotten when was the last time she shared a bed with Nash. She knew Nash’s work was important, however. She could not make unreasonable demands. Nash sensed Hera's somewhat low mood but could do nothing about it. The pressure from the two Mystique Loyalty Realm experts and one Golden Robe Heavenly Master was too intense. Until the threat was eliminated, he could not calm down and accompany Hera. When she did not hear Nash's footsteps after he said he was going to leave, Hera turned and saw him standing there with a guilty expression. Realizing he was aware of how she felt, Hera smiled gently. "You don't have to worry about me. Once you're done with your troubles, you can accompany me then!" Nash guiltily said, "I'll spend time with you once I’m done dealing with these troublesome matters.” Hera chuckled. "Alright, I'll be waiting for you to make it up to me!" Nash leaned forward and

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