Chapter 716

The unkempt old man got to his feet, a piece of bread dangling from his mouth as he adjusted his pants. He showed absolutely no concern for how he presented himself as he said, “Forget it. I’m not used to a place like this!” After fastening his belt, he chewed on his bread as he headed out. He said in a muffled voice, “You should spend the next couple of days keeping an eye on the people around Young Calcraft. I suspect they’ll direct their attacks onto them…” The unkempt old man’s figure slowly turned hazy after he finished speaking. The two bodyguards standing by the door once again turned flabbergasted. Divus grabbed some Kleenex and wiped the milk droplets on the corners of his mouth. A sharp glint appeared in his narrow eyes. … When Hera finished breakfast, she instructed Maria to take good care of Melody before she headed to work. However, she could not start the second-hand car they had at home. “What a terrible car!” Hera’s good mood instantly vanished. He

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